I am 100% Sarcastic. I love the Blackhawks, hate the Canucks...typical Chicagoan ways. My dad would be so proud of me.... Yep, My hockey heart belongs to Carcillo.


The 7 Stages of Grief: NHL Playoffs Edition

Shock and Denial: Screaming at the television for two hours after the game actually ended, refreshing Twitter repeatedly to make sure the score actually was 55-0

Guilt: Blaming yourself because you didn't wear your lucky socks on game day and eat your 5:00 peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sit on the couch with the pillows to your left

Anger & Bargaining: Blaming Pierre McGuire/NBC for all of your problems

Depression: Weeping uncontrollably into your jerseys, spending hours staring longingly at pictures of your captain on tumblr

Adjusting: Attempting to fill the void in your life by rooting for another team...Go Coyotes?

Acceptance: Creating a GM-worthy master plan for next season complete with salary figures, trade and draft prospects, and new lines

--- I don't know this looks like a cheap immitation of what I wrote 2 weeks ago.... PLUS above...is only 6 Stages of Grief....

My Version: http://www.one4thedagger.com/2012/04/7-stages-of-grief-blackhawks-playoffs.html