I am 100% Sarcastic. I love the Blackhawks, hate the Canucks...typical Chicagoan ways. My dad would be so proud of me.... Yep, My hockey heart belongs to Carcillo.


Just Admit It!

I don’t understand? I can marry my cousin…but not someone of the same sex. A man can have Viagra covered…but no woman should be entitled to birth control… If I am rich, or a Corporation I don’t have to pay taxes, or at least I get to pay a lower percentage….but the interest on student loans are skyrocketing…which cripples most peoples chances of becoming rich….Why don’t you just admit…there is no ladder to climb anymore…? You take an elevator to the top and cut the rungs out at the bottom for people like me and other middle class citizens to have a real shot at making it?

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