I am 100% Sarcastic. I love the Blackhawks, hate the Canucks...typical Chicagoan ways. My dad would be so proud of me.... Yep, My hockey heart belongs to Carcillo.


Why I find PUMA to be the worst company

I bought a pair of PUMA gym shoes this past October. I had a pair of Nike Shocks for 8 years and they finally began to tear up in the back

I didn’t wear the new gym shoes much considering this winter I didn’t really move, and I wore boots through the 10000000 feet of snow Chicago had.

February 17 I began to wear my new shoes regularly to the gym. I decided it was time to get back into shape.

Now a little more than two months later, there are 2 holes in my right shoe and the inside of the shoe has fallen apart which caused me to get blisters and cut my workouts short due to irritation.

I tweeted the @PUMA account several times with my complaint, with no response.
I then looked online for a telephone # and spoke with Tanya who told me their defective department person was away from her desk, but she would email me a form that I can fill out and they would get back to me in 2-3 weeks.

I filled out the form and sent it in, and luckily I received a response the next morning:

Dear Mikal,

Thank you for contacting PUMA!

We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your product. After further review we have determined that the issue you are seeing with your product is not a result of any defect in the material or workmanship.

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with a coupon code for the product in question. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.


PUMA Customer Service

So I was pretty confused. How did they come to this conclusion? A shoe worn for 2 months fell apart….I didn’t buy a Payless Shoe! I bought a high quality brand, and I already had to ditch them.

I call PUMA again. I speak with Tony this time. He tells me that no one can speak to anyone in the defective department unless it is by email. Seemed pretty strange to me, I have a simple question…can’t I get a simple answer? Tony took down my information and said someone get back to me.

No one ever did, I didn’t see that coming. So, I call again because I am persistent and I need an answer.

I talk to Tyler. He tells me basically the same thing, but that someone WILL get back to me …..

So today I called again asking for a manager immediately. I didn’t want to hear anything else.

I get Tanya again…starting to think they use fake names because how can everyone I speak with have a T name? Maybe a coincidence, but doubtful.

She sends me to a manager, Steve. Who basically tells me: Too bad so sad.

—- He let me know that this is their policy and in their contracts. I cannot speak to anyone in regards to this and I am not entitled to an answer as to why my product was denied.

What kind of customer service is that? I don’t get an answer? Someone can just look at a picture of my shoe and say YOUR FAULT? And they don’t have to clarify why or their policy on what consitutes as a shoe they are liable to replace?

It sounded to be like they don’t care about their customers. I was also told no one HAD to return any of my future emails because my case is closed and their defective department can ignore me going forward.

Well, I opened up another case, I am a Taurus. What can I say?

So now, PUMA kissed my business goodbye. Oh well for them.

My email to the awful site who made this shirt

Here is the shirt I am talking about:

and here is what I wrote to the company selling this disgusting shirt:

Good Afternoon,

I am writing in regards to the new “Wakey Wakey Backes” t-shirt for sale on your site. I understand in order to make a profit, making fun of the hated opponent is a common theme. I for one, enjoy making fun of St. Louis and the Blues team. You know, Hitchcock and his numerous chins, Jackman…well, he’s just Jackman. Backes always picking on the little guys, never hitting anyone bigger than him (what a cool guy right?). BUT to make money off of someones injury? Really? I am quite disgusted. That is not what Chicago, Blackhawks fans and hockey fans are about.

I hate Backes, but to see someone lying on the ice and then to make profit off of his health condition is more irresponsible as Seabrook’s decision Sunday afternoon, because you actually know what you are doing and have intent.
I think this shirt needs to be taken down and an apology needs to be made for your immaturity and irresponsible decision to try and market this.

When Hossa was leveled by Raffi Torres in the 2012 playoffs, nothing would have been more upsetting to see a company have a shirt saying “Wakey Wakey Hossa”. Be a decent human being and remove the shirt and apologize for your mistake on thinking this is okay. This is someones health we are talking about here. NOT some funny joke.

I hope you make the right decision on behalf of Chicago & the fans of hockey.

Mikal Farrell

Here is their contact info. if you would like to make a complaint as well:

Trending T-Shirts Contact Information

Like This Tshirt Contact Information
Sales/Support Phone: 1-800 925-3969
Sales/Support Email: info@likethistshirt.com

Don’t mind my venting…

This has been crossing my mind for a while. It is one of those live & learn moments. I will be 27 in two months and I still have plenty of growing to do.
Last year when I lost my job and had a wedding to plan, I thought that was going to be my toughest year yet.

Then I lost my job again after 6 months, and now have to deal with the same things again, now with my husband out of work.

I have had a lot of time to think the past year. And what I come up with: I am (was) a pretty shitty person to people who did not have the same opinion as me.

For example - why should I care if you like some trendy band or want to live up your life downtown at clubs? I wouldn’t say I was jealous, because those things aren’t my style. I am a suburb pub girl, I like being at home and being in my comfort zone. But why I thought people were stupid for simply liking what they liked….I really don’t know? I suppose I thought I was better because I “figured out life” by 24.

So I have come to the WHO CARES conclusion…
some people like hockey…some like basketball….
some like Kesha and others will like Led Zeppelin
some like being at home and some want to go to the club

Either way, you aren’t a shitty person based on what you like….I was just a shitty person for thinking that way.
Although, if you wear Affliction and Ed Hardy, and have chinese symbol I still think you’re kind of a douche bag. That won’t ever change.

Live & Learn

So we have all seen the pictures: Hockey players are warriors while NBA players are big babies who cannot be touched without crying ‘foul’.

As a huge NHL fan, I look at hockey players with utmost respect. Players like Patrice Bergeron played in the Stanley Cup Final with broken ribs, a punctured lung and a separated shoulder. Shawn Thornton skated on a broken leg while his team was on the penalty kill. And most recently Rich Peverley collapses on the bench, finally comes to and is ready to go back on the ice to finish the game.

All this is while we see (mostly) LeBron James memes with him crying because of leg cramps and needing to be carried off the ice, or him have floor burn and needing to miss the rest of the game. People have also gotten on Derrick Rose’s case for not coming back from a knee injury for the playoffs, because most hockey players would.

This could be a race thing among the two sports. Of course. Racism is everywhere, it’s gotten better but there is no cure for stupidity and ignorance.

For me, I don’t like basketball. It is the same time as hockey season, hard to put so much commitment into two sports, personally. I do always wish the Bulls the best, and yea I will always hate LeBron James for trying so hard to be Michael Jordan and well, don’t all Bulls fans? I do hear he is a great guy outside of the NBA, but until today I never looked at anyones dislike for basketball to be due to race.

That is my own ignorance or naivety I suppose. I don’t understand not liking a sport due to the color of a players skin.

But it happens everywhere. You look at our President. Sure you can hate him or dislike him for his positions on things, but if you hate him because he was born different than you, then you really need to open your mind. It happens to people at work, applying for work, while waiting for the bus, while sitting in line at the grocery store.

Racism is everywhere, even if you don’t realize it, like me….it is in sports too.

Open your mind like I did, and learn.

So, I apologize for posting memes like that in the past, my intentions were only to laugh at LeBron for being ‘LeBron’ not because of his skin color. I think LeBron and all NBA players are very talented and I have a high respect for them as well. It takes a lot of heart to go out every night and play your ass off no matter what league you’re in.


Who do I buy now?

(All current team shirts)

Ryan Miller
Corey Perry
B. Ryan

Anonymous asked
Any chance you post a booty shot maybe some yoga pants?

Uh no.

Everyone has been asking so here is a list of the Shirseys I own by team:

  • Anaheim Ducks - Jonas Hiller, Bobby Ryan, Teemu Selanne
  • Atlanta Thrashers - Dustin Byfuglien 
  • Boston Bruins - Marc Savard, Tuukka Rask, Adam McQuaid, Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand, Milan Lucic
  • Buffalo Sabres - NONE (yet) 
  • Calgary Flames - Jarome Iginla 
  • Carolina Hurricanes - Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner  
  • Chicago Blackhawks - Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Ray Emery, Brandon Saad, Johnny Oduya, Antti Niemi, Bryan Bickell, David Bolland, Daniel Carcillo, Marian Hossa, Andrew Shaw  
  • Colorado Avalanche - Paul Stastny
  • Columbus Blue Jackets - None (yet)
  • Dallas Stars - Loui Eriksson 
  • Detroit Red Wings - Niklas Lidstrom
  • Edmonton Oilers - RNH, Jordan Eberle 
  • Florida Panthers - Tomas Kopecky, Brian Campbell
  • Los Angeles Kings - Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter, Jonathan Quick 
  • Minnesota Wild - Ryan Suter
  • Montreal Canadiens - Carey Price
  • Nashville Predators - Shea Weber
  • New Jersey Devils - Zach Parise 
  • New York Islanders - John Tavares, Michael Grabner
  • New York Rangers - Henrik Lundqvist, Marc Staal, Sean Avery
  • Philadelphia Flyers - Brayden Schenn, Mike Richards
  • Phoenix Coyotes - Keith Yandle, Paul Bissonnette
  • Pittsburgh Penguins - Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, Jordan Staal, 
  • Ottawa Senators - Erik Karlsson 
  • San Jose Sharks - Marty Havlat 
  • St Louis Blues - Brian Elliott 
  • Tampa Bay Lightning - Marty St. Louis 
  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Phil Kessel, Joffrey Lupul, JVR 
  • Vancouver Canucks - NEVER 
  • Washington Capitals - Troy Brouwer 
  • Winnipeg Jets - Evander Kane, Andrew Ladd 
Anonymous asked
At your wedding, will you have a hockey related wedding or grooms' cake? Blackhawks, of course :)

I am only going to have my garter be Blackhawks. We will see if I add more…. Danny’s grooms cake will probably be something to do with boxing considering he was one till he was 20 or so…

Anonymous asked
When are you getting married?

September of this year! Can’t wait!